FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) 

• Expand Your Practice Income by Improving Outcomes
• Reach More People and Have a Greater Impact
• Is your vision bigger than your scope of practice?

The state of global health presents an opportunity for functional health professionals to serve more individuals, provide better outcomes and increase practice revenue.


FDN® provides you with cutting-edge functional lab assessment training, access to lab testing and resources, to continuously enhance your knowledge about functional health practices, so you can actually fix the health issues you or your clients are facing.


This all enables you to create as successful business and grow a thriving referral-based business globally by doing what you love while positively impacting others. Upon completing the course you also become Board Certified through our partnership with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) to enhance your credibility!

The Health Sciences Academy is the world’s largest, 100% science-based, online educational institution. We’ll teach you the science so YOU can become the expert. Choose your next field of specialisation and get certified.

Whether you’re a part of our amazing team, a student wanting to make a difference, a partner wanting to join forces for good, or a supplier enabling us to do our thing.

If you help us be more successful in creating a healthier and happier global community, we will have your back. Our Nutrition Accelerator Scholarship is an outcome of this vision. Watch the launch webinar to learn how we are empowering promising individuals to make a difference the world over. We are loyal teammates and we want everyone in our circle to win.